Home Laundry Service in Hoboken NJ

Home Laundry Service in Hoboken NJ

Laundry Services in Hoboken NJWe are living in an extremely busy world, juggling all these responsibilities not only leaves you tired but also allows no time to carry out housekeeping duties like cleaning and laundry. While one can probably survive in a dirty house, doing laundry is not an option. You have to wear clean clothes to work every day and for both personal safety and hygiene. There are four ways one can get their clothes and linen washed without doing the task manually.

  1. Dry-cleaning. You can put all your clothes in a polythene bag and take them to a dry cleaner. After a day or two you will pick up clean and ironed laundry. Unfortunately, this service is expensive and not everyone can afford the associated cost on a regular basis.
  2. Hire a housekeeper. Everyone would like to have a housekeeper who comes daily to clean, cook and do laundry for them. However,housekeepers are usually
  3. Coin laundry machine. If you have time, it’s cheaper to take your load of dirty clothes to a do-it-yourself laundry machine. Most apartments have this and you can’t go five blocks without finding this service. It’s the same as having a machine at your house but it takes time and effort to sort, wash, dry, iron and fold. On top of this, there is always a long queue of people waiting to have laundry done in front of you.
  4. Laundry service agency. Most of these agencies offer concierge services, housekeeping and laundry. Depending on the homeowner’s needs, the laundry cleaners are able to handle pretty much everything. This laundry service is the best option of all the above because it is convenient and pocket-friendly. Once a week, the same people are sent to your house to take care of your laundry and clean the house if you like.

Why Choose Us For Laundry Services?

Thorough Cleaning & Concierge is a cleaning agency that has been serving the people of Hoboken, New Jersey and its surrounding towns for over 20 years. Our services include laundry, housekeeping, and personal concierge. We also do house sitting and pet sitting for people who are away for one reason or another.

At Thorough Cleaning & Concierge, you can rest assured your laundry will be washed with care. We use cleaning products that are not harsh on your clothes and ensure no bleach is used unless requested. All our cleaners are trained, insured and trustworthy. They carefully dry and fold your clean clothes before bringing them back to you.

Common areas of clarification

Do I need to prepare my laundry or sort it ahead of time?

No. Our standard procedures include sorting and separating whites from colors. All you have to do is throw the dirty clothes in a bag and wait for the magic.

What if my laundry doesn’t fit my laundry bag?

If you have items outside the bag, an extra fee will be charged. To avoid this, pack clothes that will fit in the bag when closed.

Are my clothes washed with other people’s clothes?

No. every bag is processed by itself. We do not mix clothes from different people.

What happens if I leave personal items in my pocket?

The item will be put back in your laundry bag when it’s being returned.

Is there a charge for the laundry bag?

Every laundry bag is charged $2.50 the first time you come but this will cater for all subsequent visits.

What if I need my laundry faster?

There is a 24-hour emergency service at an extra charge.

Thorough Cleaning & Concierge service believes in giving clients the best service. No matter how busy you are, there will always be clean, fresh clothes to wear. Contact us now for more information on our laundry pick-up and delivery services. Our desire is to always go beyond the bare minimum and put a collective smile on the faces of our clients.