House Sitter in Hoboken NJ

House Sitter in Hoboken NJ

House Sitting in Hoboken NJWhen you need house sitting, it is imperative that you get someone you can trust to carry out the task. But how do you trust someone you have not met before?

Getting someone to do housekeeping for you requires that you invite an outsider into your personal space, which can be a very sensitive issue.

It is advisable to pick a house sitter with a reputation that precedes them. Thorough Cleaning and Concierge specializes in offering reputable and trustworthy sitters. We have, through continued and dedicated service, built a name as the best home service company in New Jersey. We seek to offer a personalized service to every client that comes to us, while at the same time maintaining the same high standard of delivery across the board.

With a general expertise in home care services, Thorough Cleaning & Concierge has identified home sitting as one of the areas clients are highly under-served in. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves as a duty to sort out this problem for you by making sure you get the best house sitter whenever you need one.

We have racked up many years of experience in the industry, so we understand exactly what you need taken care of in your house. We view respect for privacy as the highest principle of operation. It is from this work ethic that we have managed to earn the trust of numerous customers. When you leave your house under our care, we take care to ensure that you find everything in the exact condition you left it .

House Sitting FAQs

How long is the average house sitting assignment?

We are available to look after your house for whatever duration you are out, provided you notify us beforehand. If you need a service extending more than 24 hours, we assign sitters in shifts to take care of your house.

Does the house sitter stay in my house?

Yes. We recommend that when you get a house caretaker from us, they stay in your house for the period you have them in charge. This enables them to give you a more personalized service, and to stay at hand to take care of incidences that may occur.
You may, however, give notice of off-limit areas in around the house, and we are strict on the principle of respecting such notices.

What information should I have ready for the house sitter?

Basic instructions of the kind of sitting you want. Inform the sitter of any sensitive areas to keep an eye on, like pets and indoor plants. Also, if you have off-limit areas, be sure to make them known to the sitter.

Any people who are authorized to come to your house in your absence should also be mentioned, with a description of how far in they are allowed to venture.

What can and can’t I expect from my house sitter?

The house sitter takes care of your house by maintaining what you have in place. They handle routine chores for you, like watering your potted plants and taking care of your pets.
Intricate chores like cleaning are however not part of a sitter’s responsibility.

Does the house sitter pay rent to the Homeowner?

No. The sitter will only be in your home during their shifts, and so does not pay rent.

Should I mind you sitting my home with my family and pet?

No, there is no cause for worry if you have a family or pet. The sitter can take care of it, and look after your kids as well.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable house sitting or housekeeping services, contact us right away and we will be more than happy to help.