About Us

We know there are many choices for housekeeping services in the Jersey City, Hoboken area and we strive to set ourselves apart by going above and beyond expectations.

Worker’s Compensation

We carry worker’s compensation on every employee.

We carry worker’s compensation on every employee.  This protects all our customers in the event of an injury while we are in your home. This takes 100% of the liability off of you, and puts it under the protection of the company’s insurance. Our customers should never be at risk.


Our Company is heavily insured in the event of an accident.

In the event of an accident, it’s good for you to know that our Company is heavily insured. We respond promptly to take care of these matters and to safeguard our customers in every way possible. We are bonded and stay current with all our responsibilities as mandated by the state.

Bonded: The firm financially guarantees that it will perform the work and to protect homeowners from loss.

Bonds are a type of consumer protection in which a certain amount of money is pre-paid into an escrow-type account outside of the restoration firm’s control. These funds are used in the event that a job is not completed or not performed according to contract. In the event that a consumer feels that this may be the case, they can file a claim against the bonding company to appropriate these funds to make up for the difference. The bonding company will pay out these funds in the event that the claim is valid. Bonding is critical to protecting the consumer from unscrupulous contractors and firms, as the funds are a sign of good faith that the agency will perform the job that they state they will. Before hiring a restoration agency, be sure to conduct research and verify that the company you hire is bonded.


Emergencies arise and we are there to assist you.

We do have normal business hours but are not bound by them and either are you. Someone can be reached at almost any time of the day or night. Emergencies arise and we are there to assist you. Lock-outs and plumbing emergencies are just a couple of things that we can help you with. Contact us today for more information.


We are 100% responsible for the safety & protection of your keys.

Most of our 300+ clients find it convenient to entrust us with a key to their home. The owner of our company is the only person that has unlimited access to your key. It is either on his person or put away under lock and key. We are 100% responsible for the safety and protection of your key. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have at our first appointment.